Hydraulic actuator retrofitting
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 1.         Mechanical feedback type of hydraulic actuator 1.1.        Pilot oil valve retrofitting only In order to improve the performance of pilot oil valve, new design of pilot oil valve and sleeve with hydraulic spring feedback, it will avoid pilot oil valve jamming and improve the precision LVDT sensor is used for travel of hydraulic actuator, together with servo controller and servo proportional valve. 1.2.        Retrofitting with new hydraulic actuator For the long-time use of old actuator, because of serious abrasion or no retrofit solution, it should be replaced. and installation dimensions, piston center line and connection dimension are necessary for new actuator design and production. 2.         Current to pressure convertor, pressure control type of hydraulic actuator Some hydraulic actuator is in control of oil pressure, so current to pressure convertor is necessary parts. We provide specialized product of WCP current to pressure convertor for this type actuator, available adjusting rang reaches to 100bar.  
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